About me

Since my childhood there has never been a moment in my life when I wasn't creating. Writing and painting have always been sources of  pleasure and helped me through more difficult times in my life.

During my work as a physician I realized that the mind is the greatest force for our wellbeing. So I decided to resume my education to become an Art Therapist.

Art Therapy education

  • Student at School of Art Berlin-Weißensee (2020 - 2023)

Art Therapy training 

  • Internship, child and adolescent psychiatry, Praxis Dr. Hein, Berlin (ongoing)
  • Internship, Open Studio "Arthe", 
    Berlin (2021)
  • Internship, child and adolescent psychiatry at Vivantes Clinic, Berlin (2020)

Art education 

  • Painting school Prib, 
    Berlin (2021)
  • Painting school Prib, 
    Berlin (2019)

Medical education 

  • Ludwig-Maximilians University, Munich (2016)

Medical work 

  • Berlin Centre for Travel & Tropical Medicine (BCRT), Berlin (ongoing)
  • Eye clinic at the Opera, 
    Munich (2017)