Frequently asked questions.

Do I have to be an artist to benefit from Art Coaching?

This is a clear no. The goal of Art Coaching is not to produce great Art, but rather to use art for self-expression and stress-relief. Although you might learn and experiment with new techniques along the way, the focus lies mainly on your experience during the process and your relationship to your art work. This is a judgment free space and every form of artistic expression is highly appreciated.

What do I need to bring?

Just yourself and an open mind. All materials are provided by me and included in the price. If you however have a medium you really want to try out you can obviously bring it.It is also helpful to wear some clothes that can take a stain or two.

Is this covered by public health insurance?

Unfortunately public health insurance doesn't cover any form of coaching or out-patient art therapy. Contact me and we can discuss payment plans that suit your needs and abilities. However you can use the invoice for your taxes and get a tax reduction afterwards.

Do you also offer Art Coaching online?

Yes I do. In this case I will provide a list for you with materials and mediums as a form of recommendation. It is however on you to decide, what your preferred medium during the coaching is.