Art Experience Gifting Program for Christmas

You want to experience the joy of unconditional giving? You want to enable others to get in contact with their creative flow? Join the movement and spread the healing power of art.

This program is designed to give you the opportunity to gift a Workshop to a loved one, someone in need or a stranger

This year, why not gift an experience that goes beyond material possessions? Introducing the Art Experience Gifting Program! Give the gift of self-care and quality time through workshop tickets

Help make this world a better, caring and more creative place.

Why gift an Art Experience?

In a world filled with things, experiences stand out. They create lasting memories, foster personal growth, and bring joy that goes beyond the tangible.
A workshop ticket is not just a present; it's an opportunity for your loved ones to connect with their creative selves.

How to gift an Art Experience?

Simply visit the Events page to purchase workshop tickets. Write the word "Gift" in the Special requests field during checkout. You can gift the workshop to a loved one or a complete stranger. If you already have someone in mind add ne name of the Person, too. If you are gifting to a stranger, write: "Gift for stranger"

You'll receive a beautifully designed digital gift certificate to share with your loved ones.

Strangers will get the chance to win the ticket on Instagram!