Team Events

Creativity is an essential part of the connection between team members. In my Team Events you can solve or even prevent conflicts that affect the work atmosphere. It is a playful way to connect within a team and grow stronger, so that you can face the challenges that are part of the job. This increases focus, connection and the self-organization of the team members.


Creative Team Events light a spark in your team members eye. It is the time they get, to play, to try out something new, to make mistakes and to embrace the imperfection. Creating new and extraordinary memories together will make your team connect on a deeper level.


Sometimes dynamics in Teams can become tough and impair the actual work progress. These dynamics shouldn't be ignored but rather addressed in a playful and kind way. Co-Creation is a great way to explore underlying issues and express them easily.

Grow strong

Accomplishing something together like creating art can form a fundamental understanding of what can be achieved when you work together as a team. It also encourages creative problem solving and rising above oneself.

Whether you simply want to have a fun time, work on group dynamics or grow as a team. Contact me and together we will find the perfect location and program.

Find out on how your team can benefit from Creative Team Events!