Conscious Creations Group

  • 90 mins.
  • biweekly
  • Friday evening (tbd), starting in March 2024

This group is for you if you are...

... looking for long-term support.

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Workshops are a great way to reconnect to your creativity but sometimes we need more time and several sessions to deepen our process. This group offers you long-term support, accompanying you on your transformative journey.

... feeling stuck.

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Whether in your creative process or your life. Not knowing how to move forward can be a scary experience. The creative process can help you understand why you are in this situation and get you into motion again. Reignite your development within the Conscious Creations Group which is here to support your process and share new perspectives with you.

... experiencing emotions you cannot handle.

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Sudden outbursts of anger or an underlying sadness can be confusing, especially when you don't know the source of your emotions. Artistic expression helps you figure out the root of your experience, uncovering unconscious material. 

... questioning your life choices.

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Sometimes we make decisions that seem right at the moment, yet the more we learn, the more we desire change. Making big decisions can be difficult especially with a lack of communal support. Engaging in artistic acts can offer a safe stage to play with different possible outcomes and manifest change in your life.

... not where you're supposed to be.

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There is nothing wrong with wanting more from life and oneself, yet sometimes it can be challenging to figure out which direction to head. Art coaching accompanies your self-development and support you in becoming the person you want to be. Whether that's being an artist or not.

... experiencing stress and anxiety.

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In our fast-paced environment it is no wonder that we experience constant stress leading to anxiety, compulsions or other mental-health issues. Art isn't just a great tool for relaxation but also offers you great insight into the cause of your situation.

What happens in the Conscious Creations Group?

people sitting at table with drawing materials smiling

Check in

We start every session with a short verbal check in, giving you space to share what's important to you at the moment. 

woman from behind painting sun on dark background


The majority of the session is dedicated to you being creative. Choose your medium and form of creative expression freely and dive into your process.

Thuli Wolf discussing art work with her clients


The final part of every session is a small / intimate exhibition of all creations, where you get a chance to share your experience of the creative process, ask questions and discuss your art work.

How can you benefit from the group?

Group of people sitting on the floor painting on canvases on easels

There are many ways to benefit from a creative group process. Find out how you can benefit from the Conscious Creations Group.

Interpersonal Learning

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How do you see yourself within your net of relationships? The Conscious Creations Group provides a microcosm of social interactions, allowing you to observe and understand your interpersonal patterns. Group dynamics can serve as a canvas for unconscious processes to manifest symbolically. Themes, conflicts, and dynamics may emerge in the group that parallel issues within individuals' lives, providing a unique avenue for exploration. Insights gained in the group setting can be applied to various relationships outside of the group. This can help you re-evaluate your role in your relationships and make connections to your attachment-style developed in early childhood.

Social and Emotional Support

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What role does loneliness play in your life? Within the Conscious Creations Group you can realize that you are not alone in your struggles. Sharing experiences with others can help you foster a sense of collective healing, reducing feelings of isolation and creating a supportive environment for emotional expression. This allows you to feel connected and less lonely. Witness this shared experience of compassion and understanding, contributing to a culture of empathy within the group. Community Support

Diversity of Perspectives

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Have you noticed that grooming over a problem can leave you narrow-minded? The Conscious Creations Group exposes you to a variety of perspectives from different group members. This diversity can offer a more comprehensive understanding of your inner conflicts and enhance the richness of your creative experience. Seeing through the eyes of others can help you change the entire narrative of a situation.

Feedback and Social Learning

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Who can you learn from? Observe and learn from the experiences of others in the group. Witnessing how different individuals cope with similar challenges provides you with a range of coping strategies and behavioral models. You can receive feedback from others, offering different perspectives and insights. This external reflection can enhance your self-awareness and provide a deeper understanding of your behavior and its impact on others. This way you can learn to navigate and resolve your conflicts within the safe space of the group. 

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