Private Sessions

  • 50 mins.
  • individual times and dates
  • online and offline

Private Sessions are for you if you are...

... looking for long-term support.

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Workshops are a great way to reconnect to your creativity but sometimes we need more time and several sessions to deepen our process. Private Sessions offer you long-term support, accompanying you on your transformative journey.

... feeling stuck.

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Whether in your creative process or your life: not knowing how to move forward can be a scary experience. The creative process can help you understand why you are in this situation and get you into motion again. I support you to reignite your development and initiate a state of growth.

... experiencing emotions you cannot handle.

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Sudden outbursts of anger or an underlying sadness can be confusing, especially when you don't know the source of your emotions. Artistic expression can help you figure out the root of your emotional state, uncovering unconscious material. 

... questioning your life choices.

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Sometimes we make decisions that seem right at the moment, yet the more we learn, the more we desire change. Making big decisions can be difficult especially with a lack of communal support. Engaging in artistic acts can offer a safe stage to play with different possible outcomes and manifest change in your life.

... not where you're supposed to be.

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There is nothing wrong with wanting more from life and oneself, yet sometimes it can be challenging to figure out which direction to head. Art coaching accompanies your self-development and supports you in becoming the person you want to be. Whether that's an artist or not.

... experiencing stress and anxiety.

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In our fast-paced environment it is no wonder that we experience constant stress leading to anxiety, compulsions or other mental-health issues. Art isn't just a great tool for relaxation but also offers you great insights into the cause of your situation.

What happens in the Private Sessions?

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We start every session with a short verbal check in, giving you space to share what's important to you at the moment. 

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The majority of the session is dedicated to your creative process. Choose your medium and form of creative expression freely and dive into your process. 

Thuli Wolf talking to male client about his clay sculpture


In the end of every session you get the chance to share your experience of the creative process, ask questions and discuss the meaning of your art work.

How can you benefit from Private Sessions?

Thuli Wolf assisting client with his clay sculpture

There are many ways to benefit from a creative one-on-one Art Coaching. 
Find out how you can benefit from the Private Sessions.

Personalized Focus

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What are your individual needs? Private Sessions allow for a highly personalized approach. I can tailor the sessions to address your specific concerns, goals, and your unique circumstances. This way you can focus entirely on expressing your individual needs, supporting your personal pace of progress. Choose your appointments individually so they meet your personal schedule.

Deep Exploration 

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What is the underlying source of your issues? Private Sessions are a great opportunity for in-depth exploration of personal issues and conflicts. Within the coach-client relationship we can delve into your complex emotions, experiences, and underlying patterns in a deeper manner. This way you have a safe space in which you can completely unfold creatively.

Targeted Interventions

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How do you develop best? Private Sessions can be customized to your individual preferences and learning style. You will benefit from coaching approaches and interventions that are specifically designed to address your personalized challenges and are most effective for your particular issues. This way you benefit from my undivided attention.

Intimate Connection

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How good is your ability to trust? Some people have difficulties opening up to a group of strangers. In Private Sessions you get the chance to foster an intimate and unique coach-client-relationship. This way it might be easier for you to develop trust and show vulnerability without fear of judgment.

Focused Goal Setting

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What are you trying to achieve? Setting your goals and planning the way to get there can be more focused and tailored to your individual objectives. In Private Sessions we can zero in on your goals with precision. Together we can create a plan that's all about your unique aims, ensuring every session is dedicated to your personal growth and well-being. That way you can make sure to stay course and focus on your personal goals.

Thuli Wolf painting green on camvas

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