Creative Team Events

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Team Events are for yo if your team ...

... lacks team cohesion.

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Whether your team has just formed or has been working together for a long time - benefit from the shared experience of creating together to build a sense of connection among your team members. Within the collaborative process of art making team members work towards a common goal. Artistic endeavors can break down barriers and social inhibition, making team members feel more comfortable expressing themselves in a nonverbal mode of communication.

... suffers from workplace stress.

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Working in a fast-paced environment can cause symptoms of chronic stress like fatigue and burn-out. Creative team activities can help with stress reduction and induce mindfulness to prevent team members from burning out. A collective relaxation response promotes a physiological shift that helps counteract the body's stress-related fight-or-flight-response, promoting a joyful experience of play during art-making.

... faces interpersonal conflicts.

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When humans come together to work as a team, interpersonal friction is inevitable. Creative Team Events offer a non-confrontational way to explore and address conflicts within your team or prevent them from exacerbating.  The creative process provides a safe space for your team members to express feelings and find constructive solutions.

... needs creative inspiration.

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Creativity is a major requirement in most working environments but very often the regular work day doesn't provide enough space for it. Creative Team Events allow you to dedicate a set time for play and experiments, which can inspire new perspectives and ideas within your team. This way your team can benefit from a fresh set of eyes for creative problem-solving.

... wants to celebrate achievements.

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Celebrating milestones as a team is great for team morale and the overall job satisfaction of your team members. Creative Team Events are a unique way to celebrate your team achievements, providing a creative way to acknowledge and reflect on success.

... wants to develop leadership qualities.

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To grow into the role of a leadership your team members need to develop certain skills, like effective and open communication skills, empathy  and emotional intelligence and adaptability. Collaboratively working on an art piece emphasizes the importance on working together towards a common goal, helping your team members to refine their decision-making skills through the artistic process. Creative Team Events provide a wonderful opportunity for your team members to take on different roles and responsibilities, facilitating leadership skills.

What happens in Creative Team Events?

Creative Team Events are highly individual depending on your team's personal needs, requirements and goals. Here are just a few examples:

people painting a collective painting on the floor

Silent Painting

Due to nonverbal communication your team members can explore their communication skills, discover their individual roles within the team and gain better understanding of their boundaries. Uncover unconscious team dynamics to dissolve interpersonal conflict.

people sitting at a table painting together

Resonance Painting

Foster a space where vulnerability and self-expression meet empathy and understanding. This is a creative way of problem and conflict solving, helping your team to grow strong and build new communication skills.

people in chairs drawing

My Team as Fish

Creatively uncover hidden team dynamics, strengthen interpersonal relationships and develop leadership skills. Enable direct and open communication within your team.

woman from behind molding clay blindfolded

Blindfolded Sculpting

Explore uncharted territory by working with clay with your eyes closed. Get in touch with your intuition and build a sense of collaborate empowerment by inviting play and creativity into your team.

How can your team benefit from Creative Team Events?

group of people standing behind a large and colorful painting

There are many ways to benefit from a collaborative creative process as a team. Find out how your team can benefit from the Creative Team Events.

Increased Engagement 

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What does your team need to stay engaged and active? Very often we end up trying repetitive exercises and talk things through over and over again. Creative Team Events introduce novelty and variety into your team-building. The engaging and interactive nature of creative activities captures your team members' attention, resulting in higher levels of engagement and attention. Since your team members actively engage in the creative process, Creative Team Events promote a sense of interactive involvement, breaking them free from routine tasks and work-related responsibilities.

Enhance Communication Skills

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How do you communicate within the team? Effective communication is a two-way street. Collaborative art projects need an ongoing dialogue. Your team members engage in discussions, offer feedback, and collaboratively problem-solve, creating open channels of communication that are vital for successful teamwork, introducing a unique language of art. Your team members won't only communicate through words but also through visual elements, requiring them to interpret and understand the artistic expressions of their peers. After completing creative activities, your team engages in verbal reflection and debriefing sessions. Expressing thoughts and emotions verbally facilitates a deeper understanding of the experience and its impact on your team. This shared language can enhance communication efficiency within your team.

Personal Development

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How do you want your team members to grow? Creative Team Events provide opportunities for individual skill acquisition and self-discovery. Your team members may uncover hidden talents or develop new skills during creative activities, contributing to personal growth and a sense of accomplishment. Foster creative thinking by approaching challenges with an open mind, think outside the box, and generate innovative solutions, enhancing your team's overall creativity. Overcoming creative challenges and seeing tangible results contribute to a sense of achievement and self-assurance. Trying new artistic techniques or experimenting with unconventional ideas promotes a willingness to take risks, an essential aspect of personal and professional growth. This way your team members learn to embrace experimentation, welcome new ideas, and approach problem-solving with a growth-mindset, fostering persistence and resilience

Team Identity and Culture

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What kind of team do you want to be? Creative Team Events contribute to building a unique identity for your team. The collaborative creation of something tangible fosters a shared narrative and artistic vision, enhancing unity within your team and promoting a sense of collective purpose. Collaborative art projects emphasize the value of every contribution, highlighting the importance of every team member's role and increasing a sense of mutual reliance. This way your team can develop a unique team identity, the shared experience becoming a defining element that distinguishes your team, while the creations become representations of the team's collective efforts and shared achievements. Creative Team Events foster a supportive and uplifting environment that extends beyond the duration of the event. Your team members can feel a sense of accomplishment, reinforcing positive feelings about their collective capabilities.

Long Lasting Impact

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What role does sustainability play in your development? Creative Team Events result in tangible creations that serve as lasting reminders of team collaboration. These creations may be displayed in your workplace or let each member take them home, reinforcing the long-lasting impact of your team-building experience and the team's creativity. This way your team benefits from enduring effects and influences that extend well beyond the immediate timeframe of the event. The creative spark ignited during Creative Team Events often carry over into your team's daily activities. Your team members may feel more empowered to express their creativity in their work, contributing to ongoing innovation and fresh approaches, positively influencing commitment within your team.

woman picking something from tree


Creative Team Events light a spark in your team members eye. It is the time they get, to play, to try out something new, to make mistakes and to embrace the imperfection. Creating new and extraordinary memories together will make your team connect on a deeper level.

two hands molding clay


Sometimes dynamics in Teams can become tough and impair the actual work progress. These dynamics shouldn't be ignored but rather addressed in a playful and kind way. Co-Creation is a great way to explore underlying issues and express them easily.

woman holding pines in her hands

Grow strong

Accomplishing something together like creating art can form a fundamental understanding of what can be achieved when you work together as a team. It also encourages creative problem solving and rising above oneself.

group of people posing behind a large and colorful painting

Whether you simply want to have a fun time, work on group dynamics or grow as a team. Book a free online consultation and together we will find the perfect location and program.

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