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Fostering Team Collaboration and Creativity: A Case Study with Artsy

Understanding team dynamics is a crucial part of the work environment. Artsy - an online art gallery - participated in my Creative Team Event and this is what happened.

Thuli Wolf Art Coach Author


Thuli Wolf is a medical doctor, artist, art therapist and works as an editor.

A Leading Online Art Gallery Recognizes the Importance of Fostering Collaboration and Creativity

Within their diverse team of creatives, gallerists and IT-professionals Artsy sought to enhance the team dynamics and encourage creative expression. They partnered with me to participate in my Creative Team Events knowing very well about the importance of collaboration and creative expression within their team.

Facilitating Team Work, Making the Dream Work 

With the primary goal in mind to facilitate teamwork, creative expression, and collaboration among the employees of Artsy, we came together for a 3.5 hours workshop in a cafe. Additionally there was also dinner and wonderful drinks. The event aimed to help participants overcome inhibitions, strengthen team bonds, and explore the benefits of creative expression in a non-verbal setting.

Discover a True Connection Between Creativity and Transformation

The event commenced with a warm-up exercise: The One-Minute-Drawing and a partner drawing exercise, designed to help participants loosen up and let go of any apprehensions or fears associated with creative expression. Very often we learn and internalize beliefs about "not being able to pain" which accounts especially for those who are not prone to creative expression. These exercises are perfect to put everyone on the same level and initiate a safe space for creative expression of all levels and styles. It was immediately visible how this playful approach decreases inhibitions and all the participants slowly were able to enter a state of joy, lowering the voice of their own inner critic. This exercise served as a precursor to the main activity—a communal painting session.

Communal Silent Painting 

The communal painting, measuring 1.5 x 4 meters, provided a canvas for the entire team to co-create a large-scale artwork together. The unique aspect of this activity was that participants were not allowed to communicate verbally during the painting process. Instead, they had to rely on non-verbal cues and creative gestures to collaborate effectively. Afterwards in the reflection round we discussed the process and the team members shared their experience during the painting. We talked about the fear of a white canvas, the courage and self-esteem that's required to take up space and the different meanings of the symbols in their paintings.

Decorating the Office for Long-Lasting Effects

In order for the team to remember this wholesome and have long-lasting effects we jointly carried the canvas into their near by office to let it dry. The next day the team hung the painting and even today - more than a year later it is still an essential part of their office. This way the team stays connected to the experience, manifesting their achievements and learnings into a tangible form.

Key Outcomes

1. Breaking Boundaries:

By engaging in the communal painting activity, participants were able to break through the fear of a blank canvas and embrace the opportunity for creative expression. The exercise encouraged individuals to step out of their comfort zones and explore new ways of working together. 

2. Team Collaboration:

The absence of verbal communication required participants to rely on other forms of communication, such as body language and intuition, to collaborate effectively. This promoted teamwork and strengthened interpersonal relationships within the team.

3. Understanding Team Dynamics:

Through the communal painting activity, participants gained valuable insights into team dynamics and their individual roles within the team. They learned to navigate group dynamics, negotiate boundaries, and appreciate the contributions of each team member. Team members that took up a lot of space were also the ones who are the most confident and loudest ones in the team. This way the dynamics became clear. Since silence played a big role in the exercise, also the more quiet, introverted team members felt seen and heard and could gain deeper understanding of their importance in the communal achievement.

4. Encouraging Creative Expression: 

The event provided a platform for participants to unleash their creativity and express themselves freely in a supportive environment. It fostered a sense of empowerment and encouraged individuals to embrace their unique perspectives and ideas.

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