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Healing and Growing through Art

The creative process is a portal to the unconscious. It can be used to uncover the root causes for the challenges we face. Making art can help us work through these challenges and let go of behaviors that are no longer useful.

The Power of Imagination

07.12.23 - 18:00 

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Art Experience Gifting Program for Christmas

You want to experience the joy of unconditional giving? You want to enable others to get in contact with their creative flow? Join the movement and spread the healing power of art.

This program is designed to give you the opportunity to gift a Workshop to a loved one, someone in need or a stranger

Help make this world a better, caring and more creative place.


Art Workshops Therapy Drawing


Theme-focused workshops are a playful approach to self-discovery. Join me at festivals and events in Berlin!

Team Events Painting Art Therapy Building

Team Events

Would you like your team to grow closer together, get to know each other better or resolve existing conflicts? Then Team Events are just the right thing for you!

Private Session Therapy Drawing

Private Painting Sessions

I accompany you individually in your artistic process and support you on your individual path.

Group Session Therapy Art Painting

Conscious Painting Group

Learn with and from others and be inspired by them.

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About me

As an artist with a medical background and an art therapist I draw on a broad background of knowledge and combine diverse approaches to help you grow and experience the best version of yourself.