Healing and Growing through Art

The creative process is a portal to the unconscious. It can be used to uncover the root causes for the challenges we face. Making art can help us work through these challenges and let go of behaviors that are no longer useful.

Upcoming Workshop: 

Reframe Your Story

04.05.24 - 14:00 

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clay workshop participants sitting on the floor and molding clay blindfolded


Theme-focused workshops are a playful approach to self-discovery and a great way to figure out whether the artistic approach to healing is a fit for you. Join me at festivals all over Europe and events in Berlin!

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Conscious Creations Group

Deepen your creative journey joining a biweekly fixed group/community for a mutual venture of self-development and personal growth.

Private Sessions

I accompany you individually in your artistic process and support you on your individual path to become the person you want to be.

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Team Events

Would you like your team to grow closer together, get to know each other better or resolve existing conflicts? Then Team Events are just the right thing for you!

What's in it for you:

  • Reduce your stress levels
  • Increase your coping skills
  • Boost your self-esteem
  • Improve your emotional self-expression
  • Make deep social connections
  • Improve your communication skills
  • Practice mindfulness
  • Experience self-empowerment
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Guiding Healing Journeys through the Power of Art

As an artist with a medical background and art therapist it is my mission to create a safe space for expression, exploration and transformation. This way I enable you to tap into your creativity to navigate life's challenges.

What past participants say...

young woman in front of a painting


"I attended one of Thuli’s art therapeutic workshops last year, and it really changed my whole perspective on the way I make art. The exercises we did individually and together as a group helped me to overcome my perfectionism and embrace the idea that art can be rough and imperfect and still have a positive impact.

Thuli also asked questions to guide our reflection on the art we made, and I enjoyed how open and welcoming the group atmosphere was. I can only recommend giving it a try!"

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"I attended a couple of Thuli's Workshops already and what I love most about them is the space to freely create without having to meet any sorts of expectations. For me this is a time just to myself, time to try something new, to play around, time that I normally don't take for art in my daily life. And in that time I can just relax and connect to my inner self. I loved it so much, that I even booked one of her Team-Events for my team at work :) We are all very excited and proud to bring our new art pieces home."

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"Great workshop! Before participating in Thuli's Workshop I wouldn't have considered myself an artist. I was always quite shy when it came to creative work. Thuli made it easy tho to just try things out. The work with clay (Blindfolded Sculpting) made me feel calm. It’s a super cool material. I didn't work with clay since I was a little child. Impressions from the workshop have come back to me over the weeks after, it feels like it has triggered something in me. 

Can highly recommend this workshop and Thuli!"

young woman in fron of house


"I first came to Thuli's Workshop a year ago and I have to say, it's great fun. Her soothing voice guided me through the session. I did The Power of Portrait Workshop where we got to portray others in the group and ourselves. It was a super nice way to connect to the group and I really loved the painting I made of myself. 

If you want to try it out I would recommend to bring an open mind and no expectations. Because this is not an art class where someone teaches you how to do something but rather a wonderful space where I felt supported in how I wanted to express myself."

Photo: © Ksenia Diesterhof