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Creative Team Events and their Effect on Team Building

Creative Team Events are on the rise: As companies strive to create highly productive and efficient teams, the importance of team-building activities is now being increasingly recognized. Here's why art experiences can help cultivate a work culture in which people get a chance to flourish.

Thuli Wolf Art Coach Author


Thuli Wolf is a medical doctor, artist, art therapist und works as an editor.

The importance of team-building activities is now being increasingly recognized

When teams come together, so do personalities. Very often it is impossible to leave the personal issues behind entirely and solely focus on the project. Simply because you can’t just separate the human from the professional. And yet that is what teams are supposed to do in order to do their job. As companies strive to create highly productive and efficient teams, the importance of team-building activities is now being increasingly recognized. The goal of a team building experience is to master a challenge that has nothing to do with the everyday work. This can help build up the self confidence and motivation needed to approach new projects. 

Artistic activities have positive effects on mental and physical health 

I started bringing art into companies and teams that don’t spend much time physically creating, because it is so highly beneficial for them. Employees who spend most of their time indoors in front of screens and sitting at tables tend to forget that a world outside of technology exists. Yet artistic activities have many positive effects on mental and physical health and your brain activity. By participating in activities such as painting, sculpting or drawing, team members can not only develop new skills and have fun, but also improve communication and collaboration and build stronger relationships and connections. All of these traits are extremely important to maintain a healthy work environment.

Creating something as a team can be a powerful bonding experience

One of the main benefits of Creative Team Events focused on art is that they can help draw people together. Creating something as a team can be a powerful bonding experience. When team members work together on a project, they need to communicate effectively, be willing to listen to each other's ideas and work together to achieve a common goal. This can encourage a greater spirit of community and shared purpose within the group, helping to create a more united and productive team.

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Creative Team Events can help resolve interpersonal conflicts

Art-oriented team events can also help resolve underlying interpersonal conflicts or disagreements within teams. By providing a neutral and safer setting, team members can express themselves creatively and explore their feelings and emotions in a way that words often fail them. This can help to identify ongoing issues, such as misunderstandings or unarticulated friction, that may be causing conflict within the team and negatively affect the teams ability to work together. By addressing these issues through the creative process, team members can overcome their differences and develop stronger relationships. Additionally they may develop a better understanding of each other's different perspectives or ideas on how to approach a project. This can lead to essential discussions and help team members to better understand each other's strengths, weaknesses, needs and communication styles.

Teams can develop new vital skill sets 

Besides, participation in artistic team events can also help develop skills that are vital in the workplace. Very often I witness people discovering art materials for the first time since childhood and having to find their own way to use them. It is inspiring how so-called ‚non artists’ explore the unknown in order to get where they need to go. Creativity, problem solving and innovation are increasingly important skillsets in today's fast-paced and highly competitive business world. Although many companies expect their employees to think and work creatively, creativity is often not fostered in performance-oriented work spaces. Because creativity needs time. By participating in arts activities, team members are gifted this time to develop these skills in a fun and engaging way that they can later apply to their work.

Arts-based team events are highly motivating

In addition, arts-based team events can also provide a welcome break from the daily work routine. By participating in a creative activity, team members can relieve stress, recharge their batteries and gain new perspectives. This can lead to increased levels of motivation and productivity when they return to work.

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Teams can create something beautiful and meaningful together

By focusing on joint art projects, team members can create something beautiful and meaningful together while building connections and engaging in better and often non-verbal communication. Within my workshops the participants get a chance to express themselves in a non-judgmental and supportive environment. Whether painting, drawing, sculpting or another form of art, these activities can help team members to relax, socialize and step right into their creative power.

Art events can foster a positive work culture

All in all I believe team events that use creative art experiences can be incredibly effective for community building while improving communication and uncovering conflicts. At the same time they have positive effects on mental health in work environments by releasing stress and positively affecting the endokrine system. Art events can help foster a positive work culture that is built on trust and boost your team's cohesion and productivity. Time is after all one of the greatest gifts one can have in order to flourish. And art workshops for teams are exactly that: time to play, time to explore, time to learn, time to understand, time to express. Time to feel. So why not give art a try and see how your team can benefit?

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