Find interesting articles on mental health topics and art therapy. 

Brushstrokes of Connection: A Case Study with BCG

MyMigrantMama celebrated migration and trans generational heritage at my Creative Team Event.

Cultivating Creative  Problem-Solving: A Case Study with WirDä

WirDä worked on creative problem-solving at one of my Creative Team Events and this is how it went.

Brushstrokes of Connection: A Case Study with BCG

Team cohesion is an important part team productivity and employer satisfaction. The Diversity Department of BCG participated in a Creative Team Event. This is what happened.

Fostering Team Collaboration and Creativity: A Case Study with Artsy

Seeking to enhance team dynamics and encourage creative expression, Artsy - a leading online art gallery - took part at one of my unique Creative Team Events. 

Unlocking the Senses: Embarking on an Artistic Journey with Clay for Mental Well-being

There is a sweet spot in art where artistic expression meets a sensory experience. And one of my favorite ways to reach that spot is due to working with clay. 

Thuli Wolf Art Coach Clay

Why Mental health is often ignored in the workplace and what you can do about it

Mental health in the workplace is an issue of increasing importance yet it is often neglected by organizations. Therefor it is even more important for employees to take responsibility for their mental health in order to avoid longterm disabilities.

The Effect of Creative Art Experiences at Team Building Events

I started bringing art into companies and teams that don’t spend much time physically creating, because it is so highly beneficial for them. 

Thuli Wolf Art Coach Team Events

Winter Depression and Art Therapy

Feeling groggy, sad and lonely in winter? Then you might suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder. Read more about what that means and how Art Therapy can help.

Why Your Therapy Can Be Hard on Your Folks

Many parents react shocked or dismissive when finding out their child is in therapy. Learn why that may be and how to protect yourself and your healing process from negative reactions.