Choose from the offers below the one that suits you best. There is also the possibility to discuss this together in a personal meeting.


Workshops are a great way to connect with others and yourself. Pick out the topic that suits you best. Visit me either at festivals or the Workshops in Berlin. Within one evening you get to try out different materials in a magical atmosphere and express yourself freely. 


  • Intuitive Painting
  • Meditative Painting
  • Blindfolded Sculpturing
  • Silent Portrait
  • Vulva Sculpturing

For more information check Upcoming Events or Contact me.

Team Events

Creativity is an essential part of the connection between team members. In these Team Events you can solve or even prevent conflicts that affect the work atmosphere. It is a playful way to connect within a team and grow stronger, so that you can face the challenges that are part of the job. This increases focus, connection and the self-organization of the team members.

If you are interested in Team Events please don't hesitate to contact me. Together we will find a plan that personally suits your team.

Conscious Painting Group

As social beings, our reactions in a group correspond to what we've learned from early childhood experiences. These experiences are crucial for the development of relationship styles and our personality. The group as a microcosm helps us recognize and understand certain macrocosmic experiences. The Macrocosm may represent the family, society or even a global phenomenon.

Interpersonal Learning
Learning with and from other people helps us see ourselves through each others' eyes. Hence, the group works like a hall of mirrors. Repeating childhood experiences in the here and now makes us relive the repressed and change it into a more useful behavior.

If you are interested in the Conscious Painting Group please don't hesitate to contact me for vacancies and more information.

Private Painting Sessions

Working in Private Sessions means to give my full attention to you. You have the opportunity to take up the entire space to express yourself creatively. Lean into the artistic process and free your mind.
Throughout the session I'll stand by you in a supportive and non-judgmental way.

Unlock your creativity and manifest change in your life.

If you are interested in Private Painting Sessions please don't hesitate to contact me for vacancies and more information.