Brushstrokes of Connection: A Case Study with BCG's Diversity Department

Team cohesion is an important part of the teams productivity and employer satisfaction. The Diversity Team of BCG participated in my Creative Team Event and this is what happened.

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Thuli Wolf is a medical doctor, artist, art therapist and works as an editor.

The Diversity Team of BCG Bonded in a Playful, Creative Environment

BCG's Diversity Department recognized the importance of fostering creativity, collaboration, and connection among its members. To achieve this, they organized a unique Creative Team Event combining an audio journey, painting and wine tasting. The event aimed to provide a relaxed and playful environment for team members to bond, unleash their creative potential, and deepen their understanding of one another.

Bonding over Art & Wine 

With the primary goal in mind to facilitate teamwork, creative expression, and collaboration among the employees of BCG, we came together for a 3 hours workshop at Nomi Wine Bar. Additionally there was also a wonderful wine tasting. The event aimed to help participants overcome inhibitions, strengthen team bonds, and explore the benefits of creative expression in a non-verbal setting.

Team members painting and drinking wine at creative team event

Connecting the Dots & Connecting the Team

The creative team event, spanning three hours, began with a painting session. The session kicked off with a fun warm-up exercise designed to promote collaboration and creativity. Each team member started by drawing some points on a sheet of paper, then passed it to the next person who connected the points and passed it on again. This iterative process continued until the paper returned to its original creator, who then filled in the spaces to create a collaborative artwork. This exercise not only encouraged teamwork but also helped participants loosen up and lower their inhibitions.

Igniting Imagination through an Audio Journey 

Following the warm-up, the team engaged in a guided audio journey, written and narrated by me, designed to tap into their inner creativity and imagination. The fantasy journey led participants through different natural landscapes, symbolizing different aspects of their psyche. The destination of the journey was their inner child, who shared a secret with them. After the audio journey, participants were invited to express their inner world through painting on individual canvases, allowing them to follow their intuition and explore their creativity freely.

Letting Go of Fears - Inviting Liberation & Playfulness

After the painting session, the team engaged in a reflection round where they discussed their experiences and insights. Many participants expressed how challenging it is to take time for unproductive and playful activities, especially in their fast-paced consulting roles. However, they also acknowledged the importance of such activities in promoting relaxation, creativity, and emotional release.

Participants enjoyed the opportunity to connect on a personal level during the painting session, discussing non-work-related topics and getting to know each other better. They also shared their fears about creative expression and the sense of fun and liberation they experienced after letting go of those fears.

The creative team event organized by BCG's Diversity Department successfully fostered creativity, collaboration, and connection among its members. By combining painting, wine tasting, and guided reflection, the event provided a sanctuary for team members to unwind, express themselves, and bond with one another. Each participant left with a personal painting as a reminder of the communal experience of joy, playfulness, and creative expression.

colors, brushes and canvases on table
team members painting and drinking wine at creative team event

Key Outcomes

1. Stress Reduction & Sanctuary:

The workshop provided a much-needed break from the fast-paced consulting environment, allowing participants to relax, unwind, and engage in activities that promote stress reduction and emotional well-being, ultimately contributing to overall job satisfaction and productivity.

2. Celebrating Achievements:

The workshop at Nomi Wine Bar in Berlin-Kreuzberg served not only as a platform for creative expression but also as a celebration of the Diversity Team's achievements thus far. In addition to fostering connection and creativity, the event provided an opportunity for team members to reflect on their accomplishments and strengthen their bonds as a diverse and dynamic team. By incorporating elements of celebration and reflection, the workshop served as an opportunity for team members to acknowledge and celebrate their collective achievements and milestones, reinforcing a sense of pride and motivation within the Diversity Department.

3. Enhanced Team Bonding and Connection:

The workshop provided a relaxed and enjoyable setting for team members to interact and bond with each other on a personal level, fostering a stronger sense of camaraderie and connection among diverse individuals.

4. Increased Creativity and Innovation: 

The event provided a platform for participants to express themselves freely in a supportive environment. It fostered a sense of empowerment and encouraged individuals to embrace their unique perspectives and ideas. Through engaging in creative activities such as collaborative painting and imaginative audio journeys, participants were able to tap into their creativity and explore new ways of thinking, leading to potential insights and innovative ideas.

5. Improved Communication and Collaboration Skills

The collaborative painting exercise and reflective discussions facilitated open communication and teamwork, helping team members develop essential skills for effective collaboration and problem-solving in their professional roles.

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