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Generations in Color: Nurturing Bonds Through Art at MyMigrantMama

MyMigrantMama discovered the vibrant hues of connection as mothers and daughters unite in artistic expression at my Creative Team Event.

Thuli Wolf Art Coach Author


Thuli Wolf is a medical doctor, artist, art therapist and works as an editor.

Celebrating Migration through Generations

MyMigrantMama, an organization dedicated to empowering mothers with migrational backgrounds and their daughters, hosted a transformative team workshop in their office space. The two-hour session centered around painting as a means of fostering connection and unleashing creative potential between mothers and daughters.

Fostering Connection through Portraits

The workshop commenced with a brief warm-up session, where participants engaged in one-minute drawing exercises to loosen up and tap into their innate creativity. Following this, the group embarked on a unique portrait workshop designed to deepen the bond between mothers and daughters. In this exercise, participants were instructed not to look at their paper while drawing, but instead maintain eye contact with the person they were portraying. This unconventional technique encouraged participants to focus on the essence and beauty of their loved ones, fostering a deeper connection between mother and daughter.

mother painting portrait of daughter

Embracing Colors to Express Appreciation

After creating several line works using this method, participants transitioned to painting their portraits onto canvases. Here, they were encouraged to freely choose colors and draw inspiration from the line work and sketches they had created earlier. As they painted, the act of observing and translating their loved one's features onto canvas further strengthened their connection and appreciation for one another.

Seeing the Beauty of One's Relationship through Art

Participants shared heartfelt reflections on the beauty of their relationships and the transformative power of art. Many expressed gratitude for the opportunity to see and appreciate the unique qualities of their loved ones through the act of creating art together. Participants also expressed surprise and delight at their own artistic abilities, realizing that creativity knows no boundaries. Overall, the workshop served as a catalyst for deeper connection, self-discovery, and celebration within the MyMigrantMama community.

Celebrating Cultural Heritage

Through the transformative power of art, MyMigrantMama continues to illuminate the beauty of familial bonds and cultural heritage, inspiring connections that transcend generations.

daughter painting portrait of mother
mother painting portrait of daughter in vibrant colors

Key Outcomes

1. Enhanced Connection between Mothers & Daughters:

The workshop provided a unique opportunity for mothers and daughters to engage in a shared creative experience, fostering deeper understanding and connection between generations.

2. Unleashed Creative Potential & Playfulness:

Through the warm-up exercises and portrait workshop, participants tapped into their creative potential and discovered newfound confidence in their artistic abilities, even those who initially doubted their skills. Besides, they experienced a fun and playful activity, focusing on the bright side of their migration background.

3. Celebrating beauty of Loved-Ones:

Reflections during the session centered around the beauty found in their loved ones and the joy of creating artwork that truly captured their essence. Participants expressed appreciation for the opportunity to celebrate their relationships through art.

4. Gifting Connection through Art: 

By gifting their portraits to one another, participants created lasting reminders of their bond and connection, ensuring that their love and appreciation for each other lived on in the artwork.

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