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Cultivating Creativity and Innovative Problem-Solving: A Case Study with WirDä

WirDä worked on creative problem-solving at one of my Creative Team Events and this is how it went.

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Thuli Wolf is a medical doctor, artist, art therapist and works as an editor.

A Company for Home Insulation Goes Creative

WirDä, a company specializing in house insulation, recognized the importance of fostering creativity and innovative problem-solving among its team members. To address this, they participated in a Creative Team Event focused on painting and implementing a new approach to problem-solving. The event took place in a studio setting, providing an ideal environment for exploration and expression.

Fostering Awareness through Painting 

The event commenced with a small warm-up exercise aimed at promoting communication and boundary acknowledgment among the team members. Paired drawing exercises - where the only rule was, not to talk - challenged participants to communicate non-verbally, fostering awareness of individual boundaries and the impact of taking up space within a partnership dynamic.

Mindfulness & Creative Expression Going Hand in Hand

Following the warm-up, the team engaged in an intuitive painting session facilitated by mindfulness and meditation exercises. Starting with a color and shape as prompts, team members embarked on their creative journey without predefined goals. Through this process, they discovered the power of starting from a single point and allowing ideas to evolve organically. Discussions during the session highlighted the challenges of fostering creative thinking in a startup environment, emphasizing the importance of step-by-step approaches to problem-solving.

A Newfound Sense of Confidence & Enthusiasm 

Reflections on the workshop revealed profound insights and personal growth among participants. Many expressed appreciation for the opportunity to communicate without words during the paired drawing exercise, noting the importance of understanding boundaries and the impact of taking up space in collaborative efforts. The intuitive painting session sparked reflections on the power of starting from a single point and embracing the journey of creative exploration. Participants also shared how the workshop instilled a newfound sense of confidence and trust in their abilities, allowing them to approach challenges with resilience and enthusiasm. Overall, the experience fostered a deeper connection within the team, emphasizing the value of playfulness, experimentation, and mindfulness in cultivating creativity and innovation in the workplace.

Cultivating Growth within the Company

In conclusion, the creative team event at WirDä provided an invaluable opportunity for team members to cultivate creativity, innovative problem-solving skills, and a supportive team culture, ultimately contributing to the company's success and growth.

Key Outcomes

1. Enhanced Creative Problem-Solving Skills:

By engaging in intuitive painting and discussions on creative thinking, team members developed enhanced problem-solving skills, learning to approach challenges with confidence and trust in their abilities. This workshop also helped to gain new perspectives on already existing ideas and challenges of their work environment, leading to a better understanding of their own processes.

2. Improved Communication:

The paired drawing exercise facilitated non-verbal communication and collaboration, fostering a deeper understanding of individual boundaries and effective teamwork. It also allowed team members to explore their own patterns of taking up space within the company, leading to a better knowledge of one's own sources of behavior.

3. Fostering Resilience:

Through the step-by-step approach to creation, team members gained confidence in their creative abilities and learned to trust the process of experimentation, enabling them to tackle new tasks with enthusiasm and resilience.

4. Increased Employer Satisfaction: 

Exploring new creative skills together fostered a sense of playfulness and camaraderie among team members, strengthening bonds and promoting a supportive team culture, that improves employer satisfaction and enthusiasm about the work environment.

5. Focused Mindset:

The incorporation of meditation and mindfulness exercises helped participants set the mood for creativity and leave behind the distractions of the outside world, promoting a focused and relaxed mindset conducive to innovation.

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